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Music can be used to improve focus, relieve stress and rejuvenate the spirits, so why not use it to help with good sleep? We analyze how to use soothing children’s music as part of your child’s overall night routine.

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The right music for a good night’s sleep

When to Cue Up the Tunes

Frequently asked questions by new parents

It is important to choose wisely when incorporating music into your baby’s sleep routine, because the wrong type of music or timing can really interfere with your baby’s sleep. Used properly, the music can be a sign for the baby to start resting. Here we will find what kind of music to choose and when is the right time to say it? “Alexa, play the music playlist for our baby lullaby.”

The right music for a good night’s sleep

The key for a baby to sleep is to be reduction of arousal as much as possible. To put your child to sleep, you want to try to lower your cortisol level stress hormone), which is often associated with the level of stimulation, so be sure to avoid music that is intended to stimulate such as EDM or high pop.

Soft, calm music or sounds are your best bet to help your baby fall asleep. From good, old-fashioned lullabies to soft instruments, there are plenty of good options if you are looking for relaxing music options for your baby.


Zen Sleepwear ™ can also help the baby rest. Gently weighted in key areas, Zen Sleepwear ™ It is designed to have the soothing effects of parental touch and could also help lower your baby’s cortisol level at night.

Dad plays music for the baby before bed.

When to Cue Up the Tunes

ONE consistent sleep routine can be extremely helpful during the sleep training your baby. If you are consistent enough, as soon as you start going through the movements of your little one’s night routine, they will naturally start to feel drowsy. And music can be a constant part of this routine! Well, the next time you are ready for your baby to start thinking about sleeping, turn off the lights and turn it on relaxing children’s music just before bed.

Once your baby is in the stroller or crib ready to go to sleep, be sure to turn off the music. While music is a great part of a nightmare routine and can help you relax your baby before bed, you do not want to become a crutch for them. If you are addicted to music to really sleep, your little one will need to play music whenever they try to sleep anywhere.


Make sure all phone and TV screens are turned off. The screens are very stimulating and will definitely hurt your efforts to calm your little one. Try playing music only from the speakers and leave the screens outside the nursery.

Frequently asked questions by new parents

  • What kind of music will help my baby relax?

    Relaxing children’s music is generally anything slow and melodic. You don’t want anything up-tempo or loud on your baby’s night’s playlist – lullabies are always a good choice or even a simple, soft organic music.

  • Should I play music while my baby is asleep?

    No, music is great for incorporating your nightly routine when preparing your baby for bed, but you do not want to create a sleepy relationship with music. If they are addicted to listening to music to really fall asleep, it will be a very difficult habit to break.

  • How does Zen Sleepwear βοη help your baby sleep?

    Zen Sleepwear ίζεται is safely weighted in key areas to mimic a parent’s touch on their chest to soothe them faster in sleep and help them stay asleep longer. Over one million parents who have introduced Zen Sleepwear into their baby’s daily routine have seen improvements in sleep. Great to use as part of your baby’s pajamas!

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