How to choose the best Baby Monitor

The choice of baby monitor is almost as great as choosing your baby’s name! Okay, maybe not that important, but because you will need to monitor your baby every day for years, you need a reliable one. Before you get too far into a search engine hole, take a minute to look at a few things as you search for the best baby monitor on the market.

  • What kind of baby watching do you want?
  • Which features are most important to you?
  • What is your budget for a baby monitor?
  • How long do you think you will use a baby monitor?
Set the baby screen

Once upon a time, the best baby monitor was the one that gave a semi-audible, often cracked beep to a receiver box limited to a cable of about 6 feet. As the baby’s technology evolved, video games were added to the mix to improve the way parents watched their children. In fact, when someone asks “what is the best baby monitor”, it definitely means a video monitor. But even the best baby video screen can only show you a lot about your baby’s well-being.

The Owlet smart sock is the only baby monitor that really helps in understanding your baby’s well-being while he sleeps. Monitor your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and general sleep patterns from the convenience of your phone and be notified if your baby’s readings leave predefined bands.

Effective in complete peace of mind, the Smart Sock is also integrated with Owlet Camera to add crystal clear video and audio to the viewing experience. Open the Owlet app and find out at a glance your baby’s condition, instead of turning to a grainy video receiver to try to decipher the well-being of your baby’s movements.

One of the best baby monitoring features to consider is flexibility. Can you put it back in a nanny cam when your baby is older? Or maybe you can use it as a puppy to watch your furry friends during the day. The Owlet Cam is the perfect transition screen, to take you from birth to childhood and beyond!

Look at security

The security and safety of the screen itself is key. Traditionally, analog baby audio and video screens use common standard radio with little or no security precautions.

Security is Owlet’s first priority and includes the security of user data. The Owlet Camera streams secure, encrypted data via AES-128 bit encryption and TLS Wi-Fi connection. Simply put: only those you select can view audio and video from the camera from the password-protected Owlet app.

In addition, long power cords pose a very real risk of strangulation for the little ones. The AAP recommends all baby laces should be kept at least 3 feet from the crib or crib. The camera includes an elegantly designed secure mounting kit on the wall to keep the power cord away from small hands while combining with the nursery decor.

Think of convenience

The best baby camera is the one that works when and where you need it. Some baby cameras include a sleek handheld video monitor, but are connected to a specific signal range. In addition, you need to pay close attention to the screen to know your baby’s condition. A baby camera with an app is an easy-to-use option for parents not sold on portable baby monitors.

If you are looking for the best baby monitor for sleepy parents, the Owlet Monitor Duo it is convenient, reliable and preventive. The Smart Sock and the Cam are combined to give you the most complete picture of your baby’s sleep. Watch live heart rate, oxygen and videos from anywhere on your phone in the Owlet app and receive notifications if your baby needs your attention. Best of all, you can play your baby’s room sound in the background while using other applications on your phone. Duo is the fastest, easiest way to turn your phone into a baby’s portable screen for peace of mind wherever you go.

All Owlet baby monitors have been approved by the HSA / FSA, so you can have the peace of mind you want without breaking your budget.

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