Planning for your baby’s first day – This is the checklist

Do you remember the days before you became a mom? When would you plan to go out in a stress… Ah! Those days! But now that you are a mom, things are different and every trip involves strategy and careful execution that also includes planning for your baby’s first day.

When I first gave birth to my baby, I was worried about not having enough to take care of my baby. The result was an extremely bulky diaper bag. Sure, I was armed to deal with any crisis imaginable (I’m not kidding). But this trip left me extremely painful. Handling a small baby and a diaper bag is not very easy.

This made me realize that I had to be practical and carry only the essentials (3 sets of shifts are not required for a 1 hour trip!) And so this checklist was born.

This will meet the needs of your little one and also yours.

Checklist for baby day

# 1. Feeding

The most important part! Make sure you have the necessary food. Now, this can be divided into two – Breastfeeding and breastfeeding.

  • Breastfeeding – If your baby is breastfeeding, then you need to carry something to cover yourself while feeding the baby.
  • Bottle Bottle – For bottle-fed babies, you should have the following

o Clean the bottles (1 or 2 depending on the duration of the trip)

o Clean water

o Formula in a press distributor

o One formula pack / bottle (for trips requiring overnight or more)

  • Sleeping cloth – Regardless of whether the baby is breastfeeding or not, you need to carry 1-2 cloths to catch any spit.

For older children who have started to have semi-solids and solids

  • Food (if you will be out during the meal)
  • Water – it is better to carry water from home than to rely on water from outside.

# 2. Diapers

This is something you can not do without. Whether you use consumables or washable is up to you. Along with diapers there are some other things you need to carry. Let’s look at everything you need to make sure you do not end up smelling.

  • Diapers – (I got one for every two hours when she was a baby, when she was four months old, I got one for every 4 hours. You know your baby better, so calculate according to your baby’s needs)
  • Diaper change – It serves two purposes as it prevents your baby’s soft skin from coming in contact with bacterial surfaces and also protects the surfaces from an extremely dirty bottom. (Our car seat has been saved countless times from our changing table!)
  • Diaper Rash Cream – Many hours in diapers can be hard on your baby’s skin. Avoid rashes with it.
  • A sealed bag – To store used diapers so you do not wipe them. You can also use it to store dirty washable diapers until you get home.

For older children

# 3. Sleep

Your little one may fall asleep while traveling.

Blanket – A small blanket can keep your baby comfortable while he sleeps.

# 4. Sun protection

The early morning sun is said to be beneficial for us. But most of the time we have to be out even after that. So make sure you have sun protection equipment to protect your baby’s skin and eyes from the harsh rays.

  • Sunscreen – Just like you, even your baby needs it!
  • A cap / hat – This will protect the baby’s eyes from the sun’s rays.

# 5. Mosquito repellents

Every mother is worried about the baby being bitten by mosquitoes as it comes out. An outdoor repellent is essential before you leave your baby to keep your baby safe from diseases such as dengue fever and Chikungunya!

You can use the Good knight cloth. It’s the easiest way to keep your baby protected. Attach it to your baby bag and take it wherever you go with your baby. If you are taking your baby out with a stroller, apply 4 dots to the corners of the stroller. It is 100% natural, it does an amazing job of keeping mosquitoes away and you do not need to apply it on the skin – WIN!

# 6. Disinfectant

This is something you should keep in your baby bag. A small bottle of disinfectant will come in handy especially if you are going to a wedding or going to the hospital for a shot. This is because your baby will come in contact with a lot of people (and germs).

# 7. Muslin cloth

A muslin cloth is good to have in your baby’s diaper bag because it can be used as a cloth, blanket or even a cover for you when feeding. It also saves space!

# 8. Baby lotion

If you travel by car, AC can dry out your child’s skin. Bring a small bottle of lotion to keep your skin hydrated. This is only required for longer trips. An hour’s journey does not require this.

# 9. Entertainment

Based on your child’s age, carry something to keep him or her busy.

A rattle, a small soft toy, a book are some of the things you can carry around. You can also carry something for yourself. I was carrying a book

# 10. Miniature first aid kit

To deal with all boo-hoos and ouchies.

A few tape aids, cotton, gauze and medicine should work.

# 11. Change clothes

Believe me, you will need it.

  • Bring a spare change of clothes for your little one. 2 for small children and 1 set for infants must work.
  • A plastic bag – This is for soiled clothes and fabrics.

# 12. Medical records

This is only for doctor trips and vacations.

# 13. Wet wipes

I left the best for last. This is something I swear. Messy bottom – can handle everything. Bring a small package, a large one can turn out to be bulky. Most brands have travel packages.

So that helped me, I hope it helps you too! May your baby’s day be a wonderful and unforgettable trip!

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