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Summer is a season full of fun for the whole family, but navigating in hot weather can be tricky when it’s time for your baby to rest. Friend of Nested Bean and Pediatric Sleep counselor Chloe Fries breaks the ups and downs of baby sleep in the summer. He shares helpful tips to keep your little one safe and comfortable as the temperature rises this summer.

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Your baby’s room temperature

What to dress your baby for sleep on hot nights

How to schedule sleep on the go

Frequently asked questions by new parents

Your baby’s room temperature

Your child’s room temperature can make a big difference in how wonderful or not so wonderful their night sleep is! Like us, your baby will also have trouble settling into a room that is too hot or too cold. The optimum room temperature for baby sleep is between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is not only important to keep your baby’s room at an ideal temperature for your comfort but also for their safety. As an avoidance baby overheating can help reduce the risk CHILDREN, so you will want to make sure that your little one does not get too hot when he sleeps.

Professional advice:

In most homes, avoiding baby overheating during the summer means running AC all night! But what if you do not have AC in your child’s room? Well, there are some things you can do to keep your little one cool and comfortable. First, add extra fans and airflow to your child’s room. You may need to keep their door light or open to keep it as cool as possible. If you still can’t reach the optimum temperature to keep your baby safe, you may want to consider temporarily moving them to a different room during the warmer months. For example, if your bedroom has a single AC unit or another room in the house that stays cooler than your baby’s room, you should consider sleeping in a different environment.

What to dress your baby for sleep on hot nights

One of the number one questions I have as a sleep counselor is, “What should I put my baby to sleep on?” For which, the answer changes depending on the season!

To keep the baby comfortable during the summer, less is more. The The general rule of AAP is to dress your little one in no more than an extra mattress, then you will feel comfortable sleeping at the same room temperature. So, if you are in shorts and a t-shirt, you will want to dress your baby in the same under their sleeping bag. If it ‘s really hot, you can even put the baby in the sleeping bag without pjs, just their diaper! Remember, however, that our body temperature drops as we sleep, so you will want to go without pj if it is too hot for any clothes.

When it comes to sleeping bags, you will want to pay attention to TOG level in relation to room temperature. The TOG is the standard for measuring the heat retained by a garment. Sleeping bags are labeled TOG to tell you what to dress your baby for depending on the season. For summer, you will want to put the baby in a sleeping bag with a level of 0.5-1.0 TOG.

The baby sleeps in a crib in a Nested Bean Zen bag.

Professional advice:

The classic cotton Zen bag is made of 100% breathable cotton and has a TOG measurement of 0.5, making it the perfect sleeping bag for hot nights! Plus the lightly weighed key areas will make it easier for your child to sleep!

How to schedule sleep on the go

For many families, summer is all about going out, enjoying the sun and vacationing! For young children, this means sleeping on the go! While of course your baby’s dark, cool sleeping shelter at home will be the perfect environment for restorative sleep, there are some tips and tricks to make sleeping on the go easier for parents and baby!

Schedule Naptime if possible

First, plan to leave home immediately after bedtime if you can to minimize the chance of your child falling asleep while you are out. However, if they do, do not worry !! It always seems like the last 10 minutes start with the car, right? Well this sleep counselor tells you not to think twice! Instead of blowing up music, walking down the windows, and doing whatever you can to keep your baby awake, let this nap happen and just focus on the next one. If your baby can go from meat to crib to complete sleep, this is great! However, not many do. So let the baby fall asleep, pick him up when he wakes up and shorten the next wake-up time by 15-30 minutes to compensate for the extra fatigue if he was just watching a short nap.

Bring sleep aids on the go

If you know you will be out all day, make sure you have useful sleeping tools on the go to make it easier for them to sleep in a different environment. This includes a portable white noise machine, a battery-powered fan attached to your stroller to keep your baby cool, stuffed. or other sleep aids, and a thin, breathable muslin blanket for a light curtain over the car seat or stroller. A light blanket generally helps reduce light and stimulation for the baby. Remember to always watch your baby while he is sleeping on the move and that there is enough space and air flow between the blanket and your baby!

Be flexible

Finally, to protect this precious sleep during the night, adjust your baby’s schedule according to his sleep on a given day! If they only fall asleep shortly when you are at the beach or pool, change their bedtime earlier that night knowing that they will have to make up for lost sleep during the day. Or, if you are on vacation and know that bedtime will end up later than usual, take an extra nap or two in the afternoon or early afternoon to help them get to bed later without getting tired. A great takeaway here is to be flexible with your own baby sleeping routine to work for your family summers!

Professional advice:

To completely change your baby’s sleep schedule, simply push your baby’s sleep 10-15 minutes later each day before you leave until they reach your “vacation” schedule. For example, if the baby sleeps normally at 6:30 p.m. at home, but know that you will want more days and dinners when you are on vacation, slowly move your baby to bed 10-15 minutes later starting a week before you leave. At the end of the week, your little one will go to bed at about 7:30 p.m. and the morning wake-up time and naps will change later. Voila, their sleep schedule is ready for vacation!

Baby in a stroller.

Want more sleep support?

And there you have it! This is almost everything you need to know to keep your baby comfortable and cool while sleeping in the summer! As well as how to maximize sleep on the go and your little one’s sleep schedule so you can go out and have fun! If you have further questions or want extra sleep support, Chloe offers parents digital and custom sleep solutions for babies and children ages 0-5. You can learn more about her and her philosophy around sleep Happy SUMMER!

Frequently asked questions by new parents

  • What is TOG?

    The TOG is the standard for measuring the heat retained by a garment. In summer, it is important to choose sleeping clothes with a suitable TOG to avoid overheating the baby and ensure a good night’s sleep.

  • How does Zen Sleepwear βοη help your baby sleep?

    Zen Sleepwear ίζεται is safely weighted in key areas to mimic a parent’s touch on their chest to soothe them faster in sleep and help them stay asleep longer. Over one million parents who have incorporated Zen Sleepwear into their baby’s daily routine have seen improvements in sleep.

  • Can I adjust my baby’s summer vacation schedule?

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